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The 9 goldies / 9 ladies featuring Katherine on her blog!
My loves, it’s Kat! I know you’ll probably be reading this when I’ll be married and on my honey moon already, but this needed to be posted. (thank queue.)
How does it work?
9 super double perfect blogs will be featuring me, as long as I keep my account. Let’s hope for a while.
The 9 lucky ladies will have a direct link on my blog (getting on a blogmakeover guys), promos once at week + a double promo every friday, gently concessed by my sis Nad, if she has time obvs, otherwise I’ll do it. Every of you will be associated to a celebrity/model once analyzed your blog and asked you some questions.
What do I have to do to be chosen?
I’ll pick all members, and with I, I mean Katherine - Nadine will only blogsit and co own this blog, but I’m still the main owner.
You just have to reblog!
You must reblog the post &amp; like just as bookmark:
Can I reblog more times? Y E S
Can I message you/tag a post #gholdist to increase my chances? Y E S
I will pick once I’m back from the honeymoon - 13th September, the results will be out on September the 14th (Sunday). Must reach at least +200 notes, thank you everyone.
By the way, I’d like to say thank you to all your wishes, I love you all so much, so incredibly much seriously.
Katherine aka Kat


Message me for a PROMO to 68k! :) 

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I’m bored. c:
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Kim arriving at LAX 6/24/14



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